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2021/03/24Wetness test movie of base material wetting agent LE-604 has been released.

LE-604, an acrylic polymer-based base wetting agent containing fluorine, is an additive that has both a strong effect and ease of use with few defects due to its unique structure. Based on an acrylic polymer with good compatibility and few defects, it has fluorine in its structure, and while having strong wettability and leveling properties peculiar to fluorine-based additives, it has achieved good compatibility comparable to acrylic polymers.
The LE-600 series including this product is also available in high polarity (including water-based) grades while maintaining its strong substrate wettability and leveling properties.
We have released a video of the substrate wettability test of LE-604. Please see the test video below.

2021/03/24We released a movie of the coating test on the oil film of the leveling agent POLYFLOW KL-700.

POLYFLOW KL-700 is a leveling agent with our unique structure. Its structure is based on acrylic polymer and is a unique additive with a silicone structure. By using an acrylic polymer as a base, the introduced silicone structure exhibits high leveling and anti-repellency while maintaining the good compatibility and few defects that are its characteristics.
Although this product contains silicone, it has little effect on topcoat adhesion. This is because the three-dimensional structure of KL-700 prevents the silicone from being densely oriented, so the effect of topcoat adhesion peculiar to silicone is eliminated.
In addition to high leveling properties, KL-700 is also extremely strong in preventing aratering. It has a high protective effect on cratering-causing substances and stabilizes the coating material even on oily substances that may cause repellency.
This time, we have released a test movie comparing the improvement of stability of POLYFLOW KL-700 on oily substances that cause repelling. Please see the test video below.

2021/03/24We have released a test movie of POLYFLOW KL-100

POLYFLOW KL-100 is a silicone-type wetting agent.
Its strong wetting effect makes it possible to thinly coat water
on plastic even with a small dosage.
In general, silicone-type wetting agents tend to increase foaming. POLYFLOW KL-100 is a silicone-type wetting agent that has little side-effect of foaming, because the special oligomer contained in it prevents stabilization of foaming.
In addition, it shows high compatibility with a wide range of systems, and even water-based coating materials can be used without hazing on clear coat.
In addition, its good compatibility also contributes to reducing the effect on topcoat adhesion during topcoat coating.
We have released a test movie about the change in wettability of water to a plastic substrate before and after using POLYFLOW KL-100. Please watch from the following.

2021/03/24We posted Catalog of PAINT ADDITIVE on the website

In the past, we used to provide paper brochure.

Posting latest catalog on the web.

If you want to contact for Paint additive, could you refer below URL.




2011/07/07To save energy, the Nara Factory, Research Lab, and Shiga Factory are switching to weekend work schedules

We would first like to take this opportunity to give our heartfelt sympathies to those affected by the Tohoku Earthquake.

Due to the power supply problems as a result of the earthquake, the power companies have requested that we save power during peak consumption times from July through September due to concerns about electricity shortages.
In addition to our continuing efforts to save energy, the Nara Factory, Shiga Factory, and Nara Research Lab will make an effort to save electricity during peak energy consumption times by switching the holidays from Saturday and Sunday to Thursday and Friday.
The following indicates the changes for the holidays.
We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this time.


1. Changes for: Nara Factory, Shiga Factory, Nara Research Lab
* The main office, branch offices, business offices, and ordering/shipping business will continue to use traditional holidays (Saturday and Sunday).

2. Change period: July 21 to September 22, 2011

3. Changes: Weekend holidays will switch from Saturday and Sunday to Thursday and Friday.
Summer vacation switches from August 13-21 to August 11-19.
* The days in red indicate the holidays for the Nara Factory, Shiga Factory, and Nara Research Lab.
* The main office, ordering center, Osaka branch, Tokyo branch, Nagoya office, Fukuoka office, and distribution center will continue to have weekend holidays on Saturday and Sunday.
* The Purchasing Department and Inspection Department of the Nara Factory and the Distribution Department of the Shiga Factory will continue to have weekend holidays on Saturday and Sunday.
* Please understand that these plans may need to be changed depending on the continuing power consumption situation.

2011/03/172011 Tohoku Earthquake

We give our heartfelt sympathies to all those affected and to all those who know people affected by the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake.
We pray that your recovery will be swift.
We have been fortunate enough to suffer no personal casualties or damage to facilities. If there is anything that we can do to help, you need but ask.