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Powdered laundry detergent

Most powerful detergents for whites and button-down shirts. Save water and time with a cool wash enzyme detergent.


USESOne-shot laundry detergent

  • Ultimate detergent for powerful cleaning of ring-around-the-collar on button-down shirts or whites.
  • Single rinse formula. Save on water, water costs, and time.
  • Single wash enzyme detergent that can be used at low temperatures, such as 40ÂșC.


USESOne-shot laundry & linen detergent

  • Antibacterial finish from the effects of reactive oxygen originating from organic peroxides such as peracetic acid.
  • Antibacterial finish and cleaning power removes the microorganisms that cause odor.
  • Great for cleaning button-down shirts, clothing, towels, and other linens.


USESOne-shot laundry detergent

  • Single wash detergent with powerful enzymes for ultimate cleaning.
  • Powerful cleaning for the collars and sleeves of button-down shirts.
  • Cool wash of 40℃ and single rinse formula.


USESOne-shot laundry detergent (colored button-down shirts)

  • Powerful enzymes clean collars and sleeves in this powerful powder detergent.
  • Nonfluorescent detergent, making it safe to use on unbleachable clothing and colored button-down shirts.
  • Low foam for easy rinsing. Water-saving detergent.


USESOne-shot laundry detergent

  • Special enzymes and powerful activators improve cleaning ability.
  • Fantastic one-shot detergent for cleaning whites and button-down shirts.
  • This powder detergent can also be used for everyday cleaning.


USESTwo-shot laundry detergent

  • Powerful powder detergent for protein and oil stains.
  • Clean oil stains clear away from chef's coats and table clothes.
  • Effectively uses highly active enzymes.

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