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Cleaning & business products

Home cleaning

  • Powdered laundry detergentOptimal strength detergent for button-down shirts, low-water and cool wash, enzyme mixture
  • Liquid laundry detergentDetergent that removes oil and protein stains, orange oil product
  • Wet cleaning detergentWet cleaning powder and liquid products, liquid detergents for blankets, deodorizing detergents
  • Enzyme, anti-color bleeding, bleach laundry detergentsDeodorizers, granule enzyme products, blood-removal products, fiber protection agents, pretreatment agents
  • Pastes & neutralizersNatural starch or silicon mixture synthetic starches, alkaline neutralizers
  • Softeners & water-repelling agentsLight and smooth softeners,
    wrinkle stretching treatments,
    water-repelling agents
  • Oil-based soaps (dry cleaning)Anti-perspiration soaps, orange soaps, wrinkle improvement products
  • Water-soluble removers & finishers (dry cleaning)Anti-perspiration & refreshening system products, pretreatment agents, water-repelling agents for dry cleaning

Linen supply

  • Powder detergents (for linens)Hotel linen & standard bedding detergents, whitening & stain removal
  • Liquid detergents (for linens)Removal of oil, chemical & protein stains, excellent for continuous washing & batch washings
  • Bleaching & alkaline agentsBleach and stains removal,
    improved cleaning power with alkaline fortifiers
  • Blood removal & detergent enhancerRemoval of protein stains with enzymes, improved cleaning power by breaking up stains
  • Starch agents, neutralizers, and antibacterial agentsSynthetic starches for linens, alkaline removal agents, antibacterial agents
  • Softeners (for linens)Gentle to the skin anion products, soft cation products, water absorption products

OEM & laundromats

  • OEM productsDevelopment of original detergents in your company's brand
  • LaundromatsIntroducing the best liquid detergents and softeners for laundromats!
  • NewsPlease see our latest developed products with abundant functionality


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