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Metalworking Chemicals

Our metalworking chemicals are widely used for wire and tube drawing, cold rolling, pressing, and casting, slicing, and lapping for the metal forming industry. Our metal surface treatment chemicals are also widely used for cleaning metal, rust preventing, derusting metal, antistatic application and so on. Kyoeisha Chemical has earned the highest share in the Japanese market with the wire drawing lubricant know as “KOSHIN”. We strive to develop products that provide superior performance while addressing today's critical environmental concerns. For example, we produce environmental friendly rust-preventive agents for fuel tanks used in cars, ships and rockets, and for boilers in thermal power plants. And for silicon wafer processing in the semiconductor production field, we provide chemicals that produce no endocrine disrupters - substances that pose significant risk to the environment.

Wire Drawing Chemicals

The wire drawing process is a deformation process under extreme conditions that the wire receives high amounts of compression and heat when it transforms along the die surface, and the new surface is exposed.

Application Feature Product name
Pretreatment Agent The pretreatment chemicals work as a career to draw wire through a drawing die by forming an uneven surface coat on the wire surface. Also, the lubricants are trapped in the uneven surface and, together, form a lubricating film. LIGHT COAT
Wire Drawing Lubricant (Dry) Forms the ideal lubricating film between the wire and the die to make the plastic deformation easy, while reducing the consumed energy required for drawing, suppressing the heat from friction, and stabilizing product quality. KOSHIN
Wire Drawing Lubricant (Wet) The wet drawing lubricant is used for thin wire, low carbon steel wire, and copper wire, and it comes in oil-based or water-soluble types. METALSHIN LS Series (Oil-based)
METALSHIN N Series (Soluble)
ANILIGHT (Soluble)

Metal Surface Treatment Chemicals

Application Feature Product name
Neutral Deruster Remove rust from metallic surfaces through dipping or circulating without using hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid (hazardous substances). RUST VULTURE
Detergent Removes cutting fluid, lubricating oil, grease, and wire drawing lubricant (KOSHIN) attached to metallic surfaces. LIGHT CLEAN
(Alkaline, Acidic, and Solvent Based)

Corrosion Inhibitors

Prevents rust and discoloration against metallic and non-metallic surfaces while storing or transporting metallic components, during pressure tests, and while circulating water through pipes.

Application Feature Product name
Oil-Based Corrosion Inhibitor Oil Based Corrosion Inhibitor can provide long term corrosion protection. RUSMIN KP Series
Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor Corrosion inhibiting vapor gas protects against corrosion in airtight spaces. It also eliminates the need for removal before moving to the next process in manufacturing. RUSMIN V Series
Water Based Corrosion Inhibitor Provides corrosion protection by adding a small amount in a water pressure tests, coolant water, and full water storage. Compatible with the Japanese water emissions standard for low level pollutants. RUSMIN W, MK Series

Electronics Chemicals

The electronics chemicals EXCEM LIGHT series are used as a slicing coolant, lapping agent, and detergent when processing silicone, crystal, quartz, compound semiconductors, glass, and ceramics for electronics.

Application Feature Product name
Slicing Coolant Our slicing coolant has an excellent processing accuracy and rate and is cleaned off easily. The sludge separates easily from the products and it makes recycle easy.
With little foam and small amounts of sludge deposits, this is very easy to work with. Compatible with The Japanese Fire Service Act, it makes storage and management of chemicals easy.
Lapping Agent EXCEM LIGHT L Series
Grinding Agent EXCEM LIGHT G Series
Detergent Has high removability of abrasive and cutting dust. It also prevents re-contamination of the work-pieces. Compatible with the Japanese Fire Service Act and it makes storage and management of chemicals easy. EXCEM LIGHT D , DB , DS Series

Sintering Binder Materials

Application Feature Product name
Acrylic Based Organic Binder The acrylic based organic binder is used in the molding process of inorganic materials for sintering, and it completely disappears during sintering. OLYCOX
Dispersant Effective for dispersing and stabilizing inorganic sintering materials. FLOWLEN


Application Feature Product name
Antiseptics and Fungicides A chemical additive that suppresses bacteria and mold breakouts in the water for water-soluble lubricants and circulating water. ADEMIN
Nail Coater Coating over nails to protect against rust and coloring to identify the nails NAIL COAT

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