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Cleaning chemicals

From the cleaning shops that we see every day to special cleaning products used in a variety of industries, Kyoeisha technology is all around us.

In the field of cleaning chemicals, some of the most important questions ask how we can remove human sweat and grime from clothing, eliminate stains from external dust and dirt, and keep from losing that new feeling without damaging the clothing fibers. Furthermore, we develop and provide additives that remove stains while giving users the functions and effects that they want, such as water repellency, static guard, and sanitation. We don't just develop detergents for cleaners. We also develop special product for the medical field. Hospitals and other medical institutions use these detergents to sterilize medical devices, thus serving an important role in preventing infections from spreading within the facility. Furthermore, we look at the changes in society to actively make efforts towards products such as environmentally-friendly wet cleaning and the linen supply field (cleaning tablecloths, sheets, towels, etc.) for hotels and hospitals.

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When cleaners handle natural fiber products such as cotton and wool, one of the greatest weaknesses is that when water comes into contact with the fibers, they shrink. These products are therefore cleaned with chemical-based dry cleaning methods, but the fact remains that water is still the best way to remove stains.
Therefore, Kyoeisha Chemical developed a special chemical for water wash that prevent articles of laundry from shrinking and began offering this product to cleaning factories. Nowadays, wet cleaning is becoming the primary method in the industry.