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Functional monomers & oligomers

Many industrial goods, including automobiles, electronics, and information terminals, are made using our products.

Dramatic advances in chemical techniques have produced a variety of polymers that are not available in the natural world (such as plastics and synthetic fibers), and these polymers make our lives and society much more convenient. These polymer materials include monomers, which are base unit materials used to construct polymers, and oligomers, which have a comparatively low degree of polymerization.
Kyoeisha Chemical provides foundation materials for plastics that use the special characteristics of monomers and oligomers. In other words, we provide raw materials for chemical products and chemicals for reforming materials to users in a wide range of industries. We pride ourselves on providing one of the best arrays of products found anywhere in the world. We meet a wide variety of customer needs, from acrylic derivatives focusing around our LIGHT ESTER line, special fluorine compounds that are essential for information electronics such as flat panel displays and optical media, to a range of functional products including high performance hard coating materials. We plan to continue meeting these needs by working together with customers for research and development and quickly dealing with new markets including next generation digital electronics and the optical communication field.

PICK UP / For instance, CDs and DVDs...

CDs and DVDs are divided into the recording layer, the adhesive layer, and the protective layer. The monomers and oligomers from Kyoeisha Chemical are used in the adhesive layer as the main agents and as aids, or as protective films that protect the surface from scratches.
Furthermore, our products are used for coating plastic eyeglass lenses, contact lenses, and plastics, and also as undercoating to protect automobile paints and the bottom of the chassis. It is no exaggeration to suggest that our products are used in most of the manufactured products that Japan is known for.