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Chemicals for Metalworking Industry

Provides various chemicals and additives for the metalworking industry to make metal processing and metal surface treatment easy

Metalworking Chemical Department provides mainly “metalworking chemicals” and “metal surface treatment chemicals”. Our metalworking chemicals are used mainly in wire and tube drawing, cold rolling, pressing, and casting, slicing, and lapping for the metal forming industry. Our metal surface treatment chemicals are used for cleaning metal, rust preventing, derusting metal, antistatic application and so on. Our products are widely used to make bridges, ships, automobiles, and even in fuel tanks for space shuttle. In addition, our products are used in high-tech electronics industry such as semiconductor. For example, our electronics chemicals are used to make semiconductor base plates such as slicing coolant to slice silicon wafer, lapping agent to polish silicon wafer.

While our strength as a company relies on organic chemistry, Metalworking Chemical Department is almost in a filed of inorganic chemistry. With this uniqueness, our department is trying to combine organic and inorganic chemistry to achieve higher technology. For example, look at the technology to form ultrafine pores in an inorganic substance such as silicic acid if a complex organic substance is used as the mold. Kyoeisha Chemical refines the technology accumulated over the years, bringing us closer to a theme that ties us to the future.


PICK UP / For instance, bridges that support our lives and society

Iron is a basic material used in all sorts of industries. Iron becomes products through many steps and processes. The most important step of all is the deformation process (the process which applies external pressure to stretch the iron or otherwise change its shape). The lubricants and surface treatment chemicals used in this process were originally developed by Kyoeisha Chemical.
The dry wire drawing lubricant "KOSHIN" developed by Kyoeisha Chemical is so well known that the brand name "KOSHIN" is commonly used as a synonym for similar lubricants from all makers in the deformation processing field. Currently, Kyoeisha Chemical holds the top market share in the field of deformation processing aids. Iron and steel products processed using Kyoeisha Chemical products are used as the main rope supports and bolt nuts in major bridges, fulfilling their role in supporting infrastructure.