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Paint additives

Our lives are touched by a variety of colors. Our paint additives make those colors brighter and more beautiful than ever.

Painting Materials

Our product lineup consists of the following three products:

  • 1. Additives that stop sagging while painting or prevent pigments from settling while the paints are stored
  • 2. Additives that prevent small bubbles from forming while painting or drying and create a smooth coat of paint
  • 3. Additives that achieve stable and uniform coats of paint by controlling the boundary between liquid resin and the pigment surface

Kyoeisha Chemical sells paint additives to almost all paint or ink manufacturers in Japan, and we have received high praise for our technical strengths.
Recently, we have been looking at environmental conservation, and as we convert to water-based paints, we quickly worked for and achieved an environmentally friendly water-based paint additive.

PICK UP / For instance, pigments for vehicles and home electronics...

Automobiles, home electronics, furniture...We bring color to our lives through some very colorful products. There is actually a strong connection between our lives and paints. Paints are primarily made from plastics and pigments, but paints that just combine those two elements will result in a great number of defects, such as sagging and unevenly spread color. Aids play the role of compensating for these defects.
At Kyoeisha Chemical, we not only hold a top share in paint anti-sagging paint additives and leveling additives that help create uniform color, but we also develop a variety of other products, such as defoaming agents that help prevent small bubbles from forming while painting. We are known as one of the leading manufacturers worldwide in the field of paint additives.