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Paint & resin additives

Kyoeisha Chemical's original, high-performance paint additives reflect our efforts to develop safe, environment-friendly products that incorporate leading technologies from around the world.
As evidenced by the new regulations in Europe and North America, organic solvents - a major cause of air pollution - are being phased out in favor of environmentally sound water-based paints. Our company made this shift early on. We also combine viscosity and surface-adjustment technologies with polymer technology to develop advanced dispersing agents, thixotropic agents, leveling agents, slip agents and defoaming agents. Kyoeisha Chemical also teams up with leading overseas companies to conduct joint product development and sales promotion.

Product lineup

Paint additives

Paint additives TALEN series FLOWNON series FLOWLEN AC-series POLYFLOW No.series KL-series POLYFLOW KL-series FLOWLEN G-series DOPA-series FLOWLEN AF-series NAF-series

Paint additives THIXOL K-series W-series AQUALEN SB-series POLYFLOW WS-series KL-series POLYFLOW KL-series FLOWLEN G-series GW-series FLOWLEN NAF-series

Resin additives

Light Amide Series

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